In the present generation the latest trend is to be underweight– the zero figure trends. However people fail to realize what things they are giving up in order to become thin and what could be the outcomes of such things. Overweight and underweight are the major problems faced.  When one becomes underweight whatever may the cause be the person tends to suffer from many problems such as low immunity, frequent illness etc.

In this article we will be telling you about the various home remedies for underweight and are the perfect treatment for underweight. In case you are looking for information on underweight children or underweight baby then I would recommend you to go see a doctor. This article is exclusively for underweight men and women.

Underweight Symptoms

If you are wondering or asking to you “Am I Underweight?” then lets first tell you a few symptoms of underweight. The common symptoms are poor physical stamina, low immunity, easily fatigued.

Home-made Remedy and Diet for Underweight

One of the most effective home remedies for thinness is eating musk melons. The treatment is simple. The only food which is taken throughout the day is musk melons. Begin with about 3 kilos a day and increase gradually for forty days. Use sweet and good quality melons.

Another underweight treatment is eating mango and milk. Select ripe and sweet mangoes and eat thrice daily morning, afternoon and evening followed by a glass of milk for few days. This is one of the best treatments for thinness.

There is also a milk cure in which for the first three days the patient has to fast on warm water and lime juice to cleanse the system and then should have milk every two hours on first day, every 1.5 hours on next day and every hour on 3rd day. Gradually increase the quantity of milk consumed.

Raisins are also a good food to gain weight. Eat thirty grams per day.

Along with all diets do exercise and yoga daily. Remember “Health is Wealth”. A few extra pounds wouldn’t do as much harm as having a few less pounds can. So take care and live a healthy life. Hope you found this article useful.