How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

In the present world nearly 85% of sexually active women don’t use contraceptive measures in order to prevent pregnancy and hence get pregnant. Both men and women should be educated enough while having sex and should take sufficient measures unless they want a baby. This article will tell you how to prevent pregnancy for women.

How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

The number of cases of teen pregnancy is growing rapidly these days. One of our major concerns should be to makegrey How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy students aware of precautions in order to prevent teen pregnancy in particular. There are various ways to avoid pregnancy. Along with this we should also keep in mind that we have to prevent STDs too.

Contraceptives oral is one of the ways to prevent pregnancy by the combined action of hormones estrogens and progestin. These prevent ovulation in short and have side effects including nausea, headache, breast tenderness, weight gain, irregular bleeding, and depression.

IUP is a t- shaped device which is inserted into the uterus and act as a very effective way to prevent pregnancy. If placed once then they are effective for 5-10 years. Side effects include abnormal bleeding, cramps etc but these occur mainly after sex.

Female Sterilization is a permanent treatment of contraception; in this case the tubes are cut and operated in such a way that the sperm cells fail to meet the egg cells.
grey How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy
In case of emergency contraception or contraception emergency, we use those pills that must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. This thus helps in unplanned pregnancy cases. These have heavy side effects and should only be used as a last measure and not used frequently.

Though we have so many processes I would still advise that if you are too young you should stay away from sex because we have a popular saying that “ Contraceptive isn’t always effective.” Hope you found this article useful and wish you a happy sex life.

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The Discussion

  1. Thanks for this wisdenwriters,
    My teenage daughter got pregnant when she was seventeen and I wished she knew all this. I think teenage should be lectured more about sex in General

  2. if someone has sex and his husband use condom … there chance that she get pregnant or…if she come to know after 1 month that she is pregnant what she have to do??????????????? is there any precaution??? please reply

    • Hello Nisha,
      Condom is safe but not 100%, there is still 1% probability of getting pregnant. If you get to know You are pregnant after a month or so, there are some abortion pills which can work for you if your pregnancy is less than 2 and half months,
      But such pills cant be advised without consultant of Dr. so I will suggest you to go to Dr. first, its not any kind of major operation or so, few pills will help you in that.

      Hope you find this info useful.

      • I want to know if any wife become pregnant by his husband what is the name of abortion pill she will take.
        Please inform me the pill names available in the market.



      Dear Nisha .
      A very good question. I would suggest ,first she has to educate her husband about the sizes of condms and also the procedure to use it. Or the male should be properly educated for this precautionary act by the councellers.
      If pregnant they have to visit a concern doctor.

  3. is there a chance of getting pregnant by a unprotected sex at the 7th day of the cycle?

  4. Pls inform me name of the Abortion pill pls do fast pls I have Sam,

  5. before 5 days i hadsex with my boyfriend ,and i didnt take emergency contraception pill.. so, Please inform me the pill names available in the market in india .

  6. before 15 days i had sex with my boyfriend ,and i didnt take emergency contraception pill.. so, Please inform me the pill names available in the market in india .

  7. Without “Pregnancy sure card Kit” is there any other procedure to know,, is she pregnant or not? please reply

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