Divya Kesh Tail by Swami Ramdev to Stop Hair Fall

Hair loss and gray hair is a common problem faced by many a people these days. Apart from using chemically harmful substances, people now opt for the natural therapies and products in order to keep health related problems at bay. One of the natural and all useful hair loss prevention products is the Divya Kesh Tail by Swami Ramdev. This tail or oil is a naturally prepared one with useful ingredients in accurate proportion to help people gets rid of unwanted hair fall.Packages

Divya Kesh Tail To Stop Hair Fall

The mix of celestial herbs which are like nectar for the hair makes them luxurious and healthy. The celestial properties of Divya Kesh Tail has a really cooling effect on user’s mind that makes it really useful in problems like headaches and other minor pains. It is even said that the tail has all features to offer strength to one’s eyes as well as the brain. some of the main ingredients used in making this natural oil include Amala, lotus, Bringa raja, Shweta Chandana, Brahmi, Ketaki, Ratan jot, Lodhra, Mushta, sesame oil, Gunja and Bala to name a few.

The oil is made for external use and by the adults only. Children above the age of 12 years can also use this tail. The tail is just like nectar that cures the untimely hair fall, alopecia, dandruff and premature hair graying. By applying the oil on a regular basis, the hair then becomes really strong. You need to apply the oil deep to the roots, massage with due care and enjoy the benefits provided. To enjoy more effects, the Divya Kesh Tail should not actually be washed out.

Divya Kesh Tail Side Effects

There are pros & cons of every product so there are some Divya Kesh Tail side effects too, since its an Ayurvedic Product as all other products of Baba Ramdev, Unlike many other Hair Oils Divya Kesh Tail offer really foul smell & you really can’t go out wearing this oil, its ideal to use this oil before sleeping & wash it out in the morning, its surely very effective for hair fall. Apart from this smell problem, it also makes your hair sticky which you won’t like. These 2 are possible side effects of Divya Kesh Tail but these can’t be called major side effects so you can use it if you are suffering from hair fall.


It is also good to read the Divya Kesh reviews added by the users in order to see its results and benefits before using the product for your own reasons.


  1. murshid says

    plz let me know how can i buy divya kesh tail apart frm online is there any other option to buy it?
    plz tell if any contact no. is there to order this divya kesh tail…………thankss

  2. Chakri says

    Check in any Patanjali Stores spread across india. The Price for 100ml is Rs.70/-
    The Oil is called Divya Kesh Taila

  3. Chakri says

    Can some1 suggest how good the oil is?? Does this really work and how regular to apply this oil. i recently purchased but yet to apply.

    • says

      you apply in the night with a littlle massage and wash in morning with plain water. u apply oil 3 days a week.within 2 month u will get + result.

      • says

        U telling to wash with plain water but other experts are telling “To enjoy more effects, the Divya Kesh Tail should not actually be washed out.””” what shud i do

  4. Prince says

    Hi friends any one used this. If so let me know are they any side affects.. Pls help me friends my hair is loosing drastically.. Especeally chakri did you used this..

    • kumar says

      yes…surely…it wil give benifits…i am using it before 2 weeks.
      i can see tiny hairs are growing…i am saying with 100% confidence bcoz i got cured from Acute sinusitis with baba medicine for which i alredy had surjery also….but no use of surgery…But baba medicine is a miracle…Just have trust .

  5. Mitesh says

    This oil is highly effective. It seriously works but you need to do it on a regular basis.

    A member of my family had a certain hair disorder which has now gradually reduced. He applied it daily and over months it has helped him.

    A lot of people have had new hair and stronger or the hair fall has decreased.

    My personal experience is that it does work but with me it hasn’t been as effective as I would have liked. However this is definitely the best oil I have used so far and I would recommend everyone gives it a go.

  6. abhishek says

    Hi everyone…
    I am suffering from hairfall. I have tried so many products but none has given me satisfactory results (except minoxidil, which has side-effects like itching). So i want to know if the problem is hereditary hairfall, will this product (divya kesh tail) be effective?

    • lallul says

      DO balayam its the best way to even get all lost hair….have patience witn in a year all your hair will come back.balayam simply mean rudding nails of both hands together not tumb finger .

  7. Jayendra says

    Hi, i got d divya kesh tail n i m using as par written in post. N dey tellin that it shud not wash then how should i wash it. Thanx

  8. aquaman says

    hi guys,

    I would like to tell u all that i have been usin this oil for just over a month and the results r nothing but……. pssst…………………………..plz mail me to know the story and I am sur that you will not be regretting for mailing me.

    • bidisha dad says

      Is divya kesh oil dealt works…..u said that its works for U…..my hair is falling too much….please healp me….can I try this oil….how many days after it works….

  9. says

    hie evyone………..
    even m suffering frm hairfall frm last 3 years!
    yup ofcrs,oil is really gud bt one needs patience!
    rest it depends on ur daily diet schedule……
    too reduce hairfall…..include sm protein diet in ur daily meal
    eat two eggs in a day
    eat awlaan murrabba!
    take one apple nd orange in d evening(4 pm)
    take two glasses of milk nd put some proteinex/ any protein powder in it…….u can use amway’s protein powder,its gud fr hairfall……
    eat almonds early in d morning aftr soaking all over d night….
    i think if u include all ds.it wud be helpul to reduce d hairfall problems………

  10. shailesh kaldhone says

    hie evyone………..
    even m suffering frm hairfall frm last 3 years!
    yup ofcrs,oil is really gud bt one needs patience but i want to know abt d patience ,i am using this oil & everday doing parayam also last 15 day’s but it really work ,i realise some strongness with my hair but my hairfalling is going on as compare before 15 day’s.thank you ramdev baba but sir i am still not confident so plz tale when get the result me your answer & hair recover

  11. pauline says

    i m 23 yers old nd i m sufring 4m premature gray hair.plz tel me is the oil realy stop premature gray hair..plz in4m me quickly

  12. padmini biswal says

    hi, i also use this oil,but i dnt knw how to use properly ,means is it necessry to wash off next day after aplying this oil. if use every day n wash only in weekend is it ok? or r there any side effect occure? plz inform me

    • Soomi says

      i am using this oil since feb 2011 regularly thrice a week but i see no result..still i hav bad hair fall… i hav now stopped using it as i hav not seen any result in my 3 months course..best is normal parachute coconut oil….

  13. Chandan Saikia says

    hello friend ,,,the best things u can do for your hair is to give vitamins….the more things u apply the more u lose ur hair,,,if u are applying any oil,it doesnot mean the oil will match to everyone it can also affect.Divya kesh is i find somehow good but still cannot give the gaurantee that your hair will grow.applying hair oil u should also think for the food w hat u eat.here are some tips i would like to share with you……
    1-Apply hair thrice in a week.apply at night ,,massage is important,and wash ur hair with warm water.
    2-Eat protein food for hair e.g:carrot,greenleafy,salad,egg,milk,fish,etc.
    3-Exercise .
    need to rite now but i’ll let you know morething,,

  14. punit sharma says

    i am 23 years old, and my hairs start reducing from the front sides of my head. i think it starts from last 1.5 or 2 years, please tell me what should i do, i am very much worried about it, please reply me.

    • lallul says

      DO balayam its the best way to even get all lost hair….have patience with in a year all your hair will come back.balayam simply mean rudding nails of both hands together not tumb finger .
      do it for an hour. may be with interval 15 mins four times or half an hour 2 times or even 10 mins 6 times anyways that is suitable…trust me your hair will come back watever age you are…even baba ramdev has sugested this exercise

  15. sanjay says

    I have a serious hair fall problem and baldness occurs. I am using this divya kesh tail for three monts. I am very much satisfied with this product.

    • pankaj says

      if you are not geting any positive results then plz stop using the oil because this oil starts working from the first day. first it prvents itching, then stop hair fall and then new hairs develops slowly. i m using this oil for last 15 days and today i found that tiny grass like hairs are growing on the area where the desnity of hair was less. there is still hair fall but not that much as i was having earlier. I have used 2-3 oil before this but of no use. I suggest all to take protein rich diet and drink lots of water every day as this will help in regrowth of new hairs. massage with very gentle hands, keep it over night and wash it in the morning. you can use divya kesh shampoo also. dont just massage and wash as this will not help at all. apply daily before bed and put a capp or cloth on the head so that the oil remains on the head only.

  16. nishant says

    i have only heard about the merits of this oil but i have not used it yet, i wanna know that is this really effective in hair fall and dandruff.

    • rrrg says

      look nishant,i m 18 & experiencing serious hair fall as well as dandruff frm 6 months or so.i used some products of himalaya,parachute and homeopathic oils but they worsened the case.now for 1 week i hav used divya tail and hair fall is visibly reduced!!apply it in the evening then take a bath next afternoon(no shampoo for 1 week).after 1 day apply it again.
      keep short hairs,do pranayam,eat dal or eggs…my dandruff is now a lot less…

  17. shashikanth says

    i have Fits from past 10 years now my age 22 i am taking LAVIPILL 500 tablet 3 times every day. From 6 month i got hair loss and skin infaction(fungle infection). I head always irritating and i have more dandruff. On my sholder coming small buble’s. I am using ketoconazole sope for dandruff and KZ soap for body irritation and sholder buble’s. So plz suggest me good herbel treatment for all my problems. Plz plz plz (add me on my facebook. Facebook.com/Shashikant.sk)

  18. rohit jassal says

    chandan u tell the right think we all should have to do.not only hair oil can do anything . We have to eat right food just like chandan saying about like soaked almonds in the morning , lots of water salads amla etc.

  19. Abhishek says

    Which of the following techniques is better for hair-loss problems:

    1) Rubbing finger nails of both hands with each other for five minutes every morning and evening.
    2) Balayam, which says to rub individual finger nail one by one with each other for an hour everyday.

    The first technique was given by Baba Ram Dev (Indian Yog Guru). I’m not sure about the second. Please if anybody knows about these techniques then do put some light on them. And do let us know which one technique should we follow and for how long?
    Thanks in advance!!!!

  20. Raj says

    Hello Everyone,

    I was going through the comments given by you all.And after that i suggest you guys to mix garlic juice+onion juice+mustard oil and apply it on your hair.Please follow proper diet and use novophane capsules daily.
    see the results within 3 month

  21. poonam says

    hi , my hairs are badly effective with hair fall.at least 100 hairs i lose daily ,i m using baba hair oil from last 2 weeks but i have not seen any effect .plz some one tell me it really works or not. i have to use it or not.plz help me.or if any other remedy someone know plz tell me.

  22. says

    hai sir namastey dis is gautam singh from last one year iam using keshtail no hair fall problem n new hair also coming slowly
    really it is working jai ramdev…
    thank u …

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