Baba Ramdev yoga for swine flu- lead a healthy life


Amidst the growing concern on increasing spread of H1N1 swine flu virus, the renowned Yoga practitioner, Baba Ramdev has now prescribed yoga to be a savior from swine flu infection. As the swine flu influenza hits the patient’s immune system, there are fewer chances that the healthy people will get affected from this problem. While […]

Baba Ramdev offers useful tips for prevention of swine flu


Swine flu is now turning out to be the biggest threat to people all across the globe. Recent reports say that about 1000 cases of swine flu have been found in India alone. The very admired and popular Yoga master, Baba Ramdev has recently offered some Ayurvedic medicine to cure swine flu H1N1 infection. Ramdev […]

Outbreak of swine flu in 2009


Epidemic can be defined as the outbreak of contagious illness which is widespread as well as rapid thereby affecting various people at the very same instance. The swine flu 2009 outbreak in states like Mexico fits the definition of epidemic in the proper sense. Pandemic is the epidemic which becomes so rapid that it affects […]