Tips to improve your dating life

improve your dating life

If you wish to date a man or woman of your liking, you need to take a look at useful tips and advice available. The very first tip is to overcome shyness and try to engage in healthy, interesting conversation on your date. As you indulge in a nice conversation, it is crucial to remember […]

Exercises to improve sex life

Exercises to improve sex life

Chocolates, perfumes and flowers may be nice for romance however a brisk walk every day may be all what you want to improve and spice up your sex life. Studies have shown that exercises can enhance and improve the sexual function for both genders. Exercises can also increase the potency and can make one’s sexual […]

Home Remedies for Sexual Disorder

Home Remedies for Sexual Disorder

Sexual disorder or dysfunctional relates to the condition experienced by a person or a couple during phase of sexual intercourse including desire, arousal and orgasm. With sexual desire disorder, the affected person feels reluctance to indulge in sexual activity with partner. Sexual arousal disorder refers to condition when both male and female have constant reluctance […]

How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy


In the present world nearly 85% of sexually active women don’t use contraceptive measures in order to prevent pregnancy and hence get pregnant. Both men and women should be educated enough while having sex and should take sufficient measures unless they want a baby. There are certain basic Things which you need to follow if […]

Have a loving committed relationship

holding-hands Widgets In every possible relationship, the most inevitable will always happen- the fight. Hopefully not physical abusive fight, but the heated disagreement or argument which can sometimes cause your partner throw up their hands and break the committed relationship. There are indeed some things which you can perform in order to reduce the severity […]

Say goodbye to unwanted, embarrassing fishy vaginal odor


Any woman might feel really uncomfortable due to the fishy and bad vaginal smell experienced in her own self all through the day. As ling as it prevails, the woman is actually uncomfortable mentally, emotionally and physically. The personal hygiene plays an important role in keeping such foul odors at bay. Washing the vaginal region […]