Home remedies for all kind of illness and deceases will be discussed here.

Home Remedies for Heel Pain

heel pain exercise

Heel pain may be caused due to a variety of reasons. Some of them include inability to tackle diabetes, poor posture, excessive weight, wrong type of shoes and lack of minerals. Most common reason for heel pain is the inability to tackle diabetes or sugar levels. If you are active in sports you may face heel […]

Home remedies for Yellow Teeth


Nothing can make a smile more amazing than white teeth. But with faulty eating habits, our teeth suffer from yellowing. It is in fact the result of destroyed enamel of our tooth. It takes place because of poor oral care, excessive alcohol and smoking. When this enamel is destroyed, the teeth become sensitive to the […]

Natural Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is a certain medical condition characterized by accretion of sugar level in blood and flow of excess glucose through urinary process. Lack of insulin, a major factor for providing energy to the body muscle, is the principle reason behind diabetes. Hence, the diabetic persons experience symptoms like debility, dizziness, frequent urine and others. Why […]

Home Treatments for Bunion


The problem of hallux valgus or bunion is when the tissues or the bones at the joints of big toe become large. The big toe is called hallux and therefore, you see your big toe inclines inward towards the second toe of your foot. Often it may also become swollen or red. In simple terms, […]

Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma Home Remedies

Asthma is the respiratory disease which makes breathing tough and that too while exhaling. Allergens, pollens, bacteria and irritants can indeed prompt the asthmatic attack. So, it is great to use the home remedies for asthma in order to prevent asthma attacks and keep the disease at bay. Steam Steam serves to be the most […]

Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Muscle Cramps

Muscles are the set of tissues which cover the entire body and serve as sponge bed for the bones. Also, the muscles prevent bones from facing the injuries easily. More so, in the human body, muscles serve as store house of the energy. They even help the body in proper movement. They also offer essential […]

Natural, Home remedies for Stomach Ache

Stomach Ache

Sudden and severe pangs of pain in the stomach can attack any individual any time. This is indeed a very serious problem that generally arises from improper digestion. In most cases, the problem can be easily cured with the help of natural remedies for stomach ache. But the chronic sufferers need to take medical help […]

Home Remedies for Joint Pain

Home Remedies for Joint Pain

An individual may be faced with joint pains. In all the forms, joint pain is always a problematic situation for all those who are affected by it. Thus, for such people, it is best to opt for using home remedies for joint pain. Exercise is the best way First and foremost, the joint pain exercises […]

Home Remedies for Ringworm


Ringworm which is also called as Tinea is the fungus infection that affects scalp, nails, feet as well as other parts of a body. The patches of ringworm are round or oval in shape with the scaly pink colored rings and clean space in center. These patches cause itching and infect the other parts of […]