Baba Ramdev Yoga For Better Eyesight

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev is the world famous personality for yoga. He has very effective yoga for almost all kinds of health related problems, from weight loss to asthma. Baba Ramdev also offers useful yoga for improving eyesight. These Yoga exercises for having better eyesight are very effective and 100% safe. The best thing of yoga is that it has no side effects, many of us tried natural ways to improve our eyesight and yoga is one of most effective ways for that.

There are also few very important yoga exercises of baba ramdev which you should not miss. In case you already have some eye

grey Baba Ramdev Yoga For Better Eyesightproblems when you start doing these exercises, you will eventually see your eyesight to be improving in a few months or so. eye tension will tend to provide general feel of tension because of the eye’s link to brain through the optic nerve. In turn, what happens is that the eye tension offers increase in nerve impulses in eye muscles and this increase in the impulses then travels along optic nerve, thereby bombarding the brain and causing anxiety and tension. Thus, the natural yoga exercises for eyes will reduce this tension in eye muscles leading to a reduction in general tension level.

You can perform the circles exercise by keeping the eyes open and then starting to rotate them in close wise pattern in a slow manner. Try reaching the eyes as far as you can in every possible direction. Then complete 3 circles, repeating the circles in counter clockwise motion. In fact, this eye exercise has been able to improve the eyesight of many a people as it helps to keep the eye muscles toned.

Further, relaxing in the yoga posture called as Savasana with eyes closed offer the eyes the much required rest and relaxation. All you need to do is to just lay back and allow your legs and arms to naturally fall out to both sides.

Most Famous Pranayam of Baba Ramdev Anulom Vilom also helps to improve your eye sight, You can check more details about Anulom Vilom Pranayam in our earlier post. Some other Pranayams of Baba Ramdev Such as Udgeeth Pranayama,  Agnisara Kriya helps a great way to have better eyesight & get rid of some very common eye problems.

So, with these useful yoga poses, you can improve your eyesight to a great degree.

Baba Ramdev Yoga For Eye Diseases Video

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The Discussion

  1. satish kumar says:

    pranam babaji mujhe eyesight ka problem hai. Mere glass ka no -5 hai in both eyes. Mujhe bahut problem hota hai study karne mein. Please kuch home treatment suggest kare

    • bhoopesh gupta says:

      my eye sight is -3.00 both eyes sugggest me for yoga for improving eye sight also i use drishti eye drop.

  2. baba plz mera eyesight ka problem se mujhe chutkara dilaiya na mai ka karu baba ji

  3. baba eyesight kaise badhaya


  5. Mera beta ko excersise pasand nahein ata hai.please suggest how should i make him like doing exceresise

  6. pranam babaji,
    mere face pe bhot jhaiya hai. Meri umra 45 years h. Koi upaye btaye.

  7. baba mughe apna chashma utarna hai pls koi upay batayein jisse meri ankhein thik ho jaye

  8. shivraj meena says:

    baba ji meri dono aankho ka no.-7 h meri age17 saal h mujhe koi tareeka batao plz

  9. Om prakash says:

    Baba ji pranam mere dono eye ka .5 no hai baba ji isko mujhe 6 month me khatam krna kunki mera railway ka medical hona hai plz baba ji koi upay batao.

  10. baba meri right eye me koi number nahi hai…. par meri left eye me -7 ke lagfag number hai… doctors ka kehna hai ki left wali eye meri bachpan se lazy hai….ye aise hi rahegi…

    please help kijiye…… ki main kya karu

  11. MY EYESIGHT HAS CURED BY DOING YOGA! IT REALLY works people! DO it! every day.. don’t miss any — its gonna benefit you in soo many ways! Make the effort and wake up in the morning and do it — you can bin, crush or throw away your glasses for good!

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